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When you are looking for an investment opportunity, mostly you’re interested in current ICOs. At ICOguru, we’ve collected the most comprehensive current ICO list to help you with the decision-making. This page, with ongoing ICOs, is offering a lot of useful information for you.

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Most comprehensive ongoing ICO list

Every time when you’re going to invest in any given ICO, you should conduct an analysis. This analysis must be deep enough to cover all necessary issues and to prevent possible loss of your money. To do this analysis you can use project details, kindly collected by our team of analysts.

If you’ll look through this page you’ll see all active ICOs which deserve your attention and has great potential. To evaluate potential of these ICO you are able to look at overview of these ongoing token sales such as price per token, jurisdiction, the start and end dates of the ICO, and other information about the crowdsale.

Our list of actual crowdsales provides you with even more information regarding ICO. Each project card has a button linked to the official webpage of any particular Initial Coin Offering (ICO) alongside with the button linked to the whitepaper of the project and different social networks. Using this buttons you will know all important details about ICO interesting for you.

Despite an unregulated nature of funding, ICO is a rapidly growing concept. ICO itself represents an application of the token-based models that blockchains made available.

ICO is determined as an innovative fundraising tool and looks very promising mostly for the millennials, but lack of regulations making such investments risky. That’s why you should do your own research on any particular project, doesn’t matter is it ongoing ICOs or just upcoming crowdsale.

ICOguru collects only valuable ICO projects with an idea behind it and some real-world implementation. This list of ongoing ICOs will help you to make profits on your investments, doesn’t matter how big these investments will be. If you’ll invest in any of presented here projects, you’ll have profit for 100 %!

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