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Rating Methodology

We have updated our rating methodology to make it more transparent for our users. Now we are using several indicators to evaluate the project such as Team and Advisory board of the project; Whitepaper; Product and ICO terms.

All these indicators include several items and we need to give an answer for them. To make it simple and clear, we used the boolean methodology and all items might have only two answers: YES (1) or NO (0). Each item has its own weight in the rating and in total weight is equal to the 100 %. The most important for us is a working product so its weight is bigger than others. When all questions answered we just multiple MAX grade, which is 5.00 on the total amount of the items.

For example:

If the project collected 70 points after completing the form, the final grade will be calculated as (5.00 * 70 %) = 3.50 For better understanding check the screenshot below:

Rating methodology

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